Are you looking for the best stand mixer on the market today?  

We’ve compiled the best mixers that money can buy and broken them down into categories to help you learn about their features and decide which stand mixer is right for you.  Some features are standard with nearly every mixer- a beater, dough hook, and whisk or whip, but some are more durable, dishwasher-safe, and more attractive to look at.  

Some features seem cutting edge, but are quickly becoming standard in professional and commercial kitchens, so why shouldn’t you have the same?  We’re talking about ‘planetary mixing action.’  If you haven’t purchased a new mixer in a while, the two-beater system is becoming obsolete, and planetary mixing action is currently where it’s at!

Are you a home, holidays-only baker?  

Or maybe you’re thinking about going professional and opening a bakery.  Maybe you exclusively need to mix bread dough day after day in your stand mixer and you need a lot of power.  Everyone has different needs and we’ve put together a ton of information, looked at various sources and reviews, and we hope you find this breakdown of the best stand mixers helpful and thorough.  From the best stand alone mixers to the best professional and home use mixers, we have everything you’re looking for right here.