We Review The Best Stand Mixers

We’ve taken the time to look at the best stand mixers currently on the market and compiled a breakdown of which stand mixer is right for which type of use, what features they provide, and even which ones are more affordable.

Here’s a closer look at the stand mixers we loved:

The Best Stand Alone Mixer – KitchenAid Artisan

KitchenAid is well known for their products’ durability, made up of all metal working parts instead of the all too common plastic we see in other brands, and standing behind their one year hassle-free warranty.  With a motor powerful enough to knead large batches of bread dough on the regular and available attachments to make pasta, grind meat, and even grate a block of hard cheese, you’ll be using this machine so often, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.  Regular old stand mixers often lack the power to mix up heavy batters and doughs and cheap plastic parts wear out before you make it through the first Holiday season.  KitchenAid’s Artisan will be taking care of your baked goods for years to come.

The Best Electric Stand Mixer – Breville BEM800XL

This beautiful stand mixer comes with a lift-assist mixer head, 5 quart stainless-steel mixing bowl, 12 speed control with a pause function, LCD screen with a 10 minutetimer, pouring shield, scraper beater, flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip all on top of the 550-watt power and a one year warranty.  Breville is known for their attention to detail and durable small kitchen appliances so if you’re looking for the best electric stand mixer on the market today, the Breville BEM800XL is definitely worth a closer look.

The Best Professional Stand Mixer – KitchenAid KSM8990OB

Other professional stand mixers tend to look industrial and robotic and may be just as strong but you’re paying double, triple, or quadruple the price for something that doesn’t even look that nice sitting on your counter.  The KitchenAid KSM8990OB is much closer in price to a regular household stand mixer than other professional options and has great features like the commercial style bowl-lift function and soft start to prevent throwing or flinging ingredients out of the bowl on startup.  Of course, since it’s a KitchenAid it has the power hub for the various grinding, grating, and pasta-making attachments available which can really come in handy in a professional kitchen.  This mixer also comes with a 2 year warranty and is certified by the NSF for commercial use.

The Best Stand Mixer for Bread Dough – KitchenAid Pro-600 Series

The KitchenAid Professional 600 Series stand mixer has the strength of all-metal gears and a direct-drive transmission with a 575-watt motor.

Bread dough needs the strong quiet type to show it who’s boss.

With brawn, brains, and good looks, that tough, sticky bread dough won’t know what hit it.

This stand mixer also comes with KitchenAid’s one year hassle-free warranty.

The Best Affordable Stand Mixer – Hamilton Beach 63325

Costing less than a third of some of the pricier mixers but having just as much power and mixing-ability, the Hamilton Beach 63325 does a great job doing exactly what it says it will do.  It’s a mixer, it mixes, and it does a great job.

The planetary mixing action is what everyone is searching for in professional mixers, so to have this feature in such an affordable stand mixer is absolutely awesome.

It’s perfectly capable of handling all of your everyday mixing needs without being overly fussy and complicated.  Who doesn’t love having an easy to use, beautiful machine, and a little extra dough in their pockets?  It comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

The Best Stand Mixer for Home Use – Cuisinart SM-55BC

With all of that power and control, every home baker can be certain to have the best mixer around.

This Cuisinart stand mixer comes with a limited 3-year product warranty and a full 5-year motor warranty, which is nearly unheard of in the small appliance market.  Cuisinart is really standing behind this mixer’s durability and we can see why.

Nothing could be worse than getting a cheap plastic mixer for this Holiday season and having it wear out by the next. A regular old one-year warranty always seems to expire just before your new mixer stops working, but Cuisinart is really stepping up with a full 5 years.

Information To Consider When Buying a Stand Mixer

  • Materials – A lot of our grandmothers and mothers still use their old mixers because they were built so well.  With metal bodies, all-metal working parts, and strong motors, the older machines were built to last.  When looking for a great, long lasting stand mixer in the market today, look for these same features rather than flimsy plastic parts.
  • Attachments – Depending on what you’re planning to do with your stand mixer you might need more attachments than come standard.  Most mixers come with a beater, dough hook, and whip or whisk, some even come with a splashguard.  The stand alone and professional mixers often have a power hub to use even more attachments like meat-grinders, juicers, graters, and pasta-makers.  You might not need these pieces right now, but having the option to add in the future can be very nice.
  • Mixing Action – Who needs a mixer that doesn’t even mix thoroughly?  The current trend is toward the more thorough ‘planetary mixing action’ or ‘orbital mixing action.’  This means that as the head goes in one direction the mixing attachment (beater, hook, whisk) spins in the opposite direction hitting many more points inside the bowl than the traditional two-beater mixers which required you to rotate the bowl itself and constantly scrape down the sides to try and mix your ingredients together thoroughly.
  • Capacity – What size bowl do you need?  A 3.5 quart mixer isn’t going to fit an 8 quart bowl later on, so if you do huge batches you need to look for higher capacity mixers.  A 3.5 quart mixer can be perfect for regular home use like making a boxed cake mix or a single batch of cookies, but if you’re making enough dough for 8 loaves of bread or dozens upon dozens of your famous chocolate chip cookies you’re going to have to aim higher.
  • Investment – Yes, some of the best stand mixers come in a little pricier than others, but with added features, powerful motors, and optional attachments to expand on their versatility you just might be saving money in the long run.  Also keep in mind that a great warranty can make your investment last much longer and cause you a lot less aggravation.

Some Info On The Variety of Brands

KitchenAid makes arguably the best known stand mixers in the world.  Chances are your grandmother or mother had one, and many of the newer models look practically the same as the old.  That’s because their design and functionality has been proven to work year after year.  KitchenAid provides a hassle-free warranty service and stands behind their products.

Breville makes many small appliances, such as juicers, blenders, and toaster ovens as well as their wonderful stand mixers.  They have a reputation for durable and beautiful small appliances as well as high user satisfaction.

Hamilton Beach has some of the most affordable small kitchen appliances on the market, including their stand mixers.  They are often the choice for home cooks and bakers.

Cuisinart products were brought into popularity by Julia Child and James Beard and if they loved them, you know they’re good.  Popular for their food processors at first, they’ve become a master at making all sorts of small kitchen appliances.  Their stand mixers are definitely top notch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a stand mixer?
Some people don’t bake often and find a hand mixer to work just fine for the occasional box mix or dessert.  If you’re baking more than once a week, if you have arthritis or other problems in your hands or arms, or if you feel that your hand mixer isn’t quite mixing as well as you would like, a stand mixer is right for you.

How much space is this thing going to take up?
Many stand mixers take up about the same amount of counter space as a large toaster.  Some are a bit heavy to move in and out of your cabinets, but some are pretty enough that you would probably rather leave them out anyway.

Do I need a tilt-back head or a bowl-lift stand mixer?
That’s really up to your preference.  Both are great options.  The bowl-lift system is what you’ll see in commercial kitchens, it helps get larger and heavier bowls of ingredients into place for mixing.  Some people prefer the tilt-back head to make changing out the mixing attachments a bit easier.

Who uses all of those extra attachments?
If you’ve never used a pasta-maker or ground your own meat you may think these extra attachments and cost are not right for you, and that’s perfectly fine.  Grinding your own meat, making your own pasta, and grating your own cheeses can be fun ways to get children involved in nutrition as well as making sure you don’t fall into the unhealthy processed food pattern so many of us fall victim to.  Fresh, homemade foods also just taste great!

Is planetary mixing action really as great as it sounds?
If you’re working in a professional kitchen, you’re using a mixer with planetary mixing action.  When you watch online baking tutorials and television baking shows, this is what they’re using because they know that planetary action mixes much faster and more thoroughly than the regular old two-beater systems like a hand mixer.

What’s with all the stainless-steel mixing bowls?
If you’re used to a heavy glass or ceramic mixing bowl, get ready for lightweight stainless-steel to be your new best friend.  Not only is stainless-steel beautiful and easy to clean, it’s much lighter and more durable than those heavy glass bowls we’ve used in the past.  Nothing could be worse than dropping or breaking the bowl that goes to your mixer, or having to throw out a whole batch of brownie batter because the glass chipped.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully at this point you feel more informed about which stand mixer is right for you.  We know it can take so much time and energy to decide on a particular product and when it’s something you plan to use for years to come it can be even harder.  Thanks for checking out our descriptions and we hope you found them informative and useful in choosing your next stand mixer.